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Internal Auditing Education Partnership

What is the IAEP?

What is this elite program?

The IIA Internal Auditing Education Partnership at Pittsburg State University is one of a select group of elite programs worldwide to be officially endorsed by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).  The IIA Kansas City Chapter, prominent business organizations, and professional leaders support the IIA Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) at Pittsburg State University by sponsoring internships, contributing scholarships, providing other forms of financial assistance, and serving on the IAEP Advisory Board.  Pittsburg State University has received The Institute of Internal Auditors' CIA Academic Outreach Award multiple times for actively promoting the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) program.

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What is internal auditing and why is it important to me?

Internal auditors work in all types of organizations, including financial institutions, manufacturing and retailing companies, healthcare providers, and government agencies. In addition, internal auditing is one of the fastest growing services provided by public accounting firms.

Internal auditors provide independent assurance and consulting services that add value and improve organizations' operations. They identify and assess business risks, help managers build controls into business processes, investigate fraud, test the reliability and integrity of electronic information systems, and much more.

All business professionals need the knowledge and skills developed in Pitt State's Internal Auditing Education Partnership. Accordingly, participation in the IAEP offers benefits for students majoring in accounting, computer science, information systems, economics, finance, management, marketing, technology, health sciences, and other business-related fields.

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What are the benefits of participating in this program?

  • Internal Auditing Education Partnership students:
  • Compete for IAEP scholarships and internships;
  • Complete a challenging, contemporary internal auditing curriculum that;
  • Join the IIA and interact with internal auditing professionals;
  • Sit for the CIA examination; and
  • IAEP candidates develop knowledge and skills needed by all business professionals and gain relevant credentials that set them apart from their peers. Whether they decide to begin their careers as internal auditors or choose other career paths, IAEP graduates have a head start toward professional success.

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What is the Internal Auditing curriculum?

Prerequisite Courses (12 hours):

  • ACCTG 201, Financial Accounting
  • ACCTG 202, Managerial Accounting
  • ACCTG 420, Information Technology and Accounting Systems (non-accounting majors may substitute CSIS 420, Management Information Systems), and
  • ONE of the following: ACCTG 318, Intermediate Financial Accounting or ECON 200, Intro to Microeconomics, or ECON 201, Intro to Macroeconomics, or CSIS 280, System Analysis & Deisgn, or CSIS 350, Intro to System Administration, or FIN 326 Business Finance

Core Internal Auditing Courses (6 hours):

  • ACCTG 422, Internal Auditing
  • ACCTG 522, Information Systems Auditing and Controls

Elective Courses (3 hours):

  • ACCTG 614, Internship in Accounting, or
  • ACCTG 625, Fraud Examination, or
  • ACCTG 315, Intermediate Managerial Accounting (Non-accounting majors only), or
  • ACCTG 815, Financial Statement Auditing (MBA Students only), or
  • ACCTG 811, Seminar in Accounting (MBA Students only)

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What is the Minor in Internal Auditing?

All students who successfully complete the 21-hour internal auditing curriculum earn the Minor in Internal Auditing.

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How do I get started?

Contact any of the following:

Jacquelyne Allen
Internal Auditing Student Coordinator
202A Kelce Hall

Becky Casey
IAEP Faculty Co-Coordinator
223A Kelce Hall

Steve Haenchen
IAEP Faculty Co-Coordinator
223L Kelce Hall

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