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KNEA-SP Contact Information

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Kenny McDougle

Phone: 620-235-4495


117A Hughes Hall
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7563

Kansas National Education Association

We are more than 1,500 students working for our teaching degrees at 26 Kansas colleges and universities. Join friends and future collegues by belonging to your local chapter, Kansas NEA, and NEA.

You will be among 60,000 student NEA members on 1,100 campuses across the nation. As part of the KNEA Student Program, we lear, become better teachers, netwokr, and have fun by showing our pride in our schools and our chosen profession!

The Kansas NEA makes public schools great for every child by advocating for quality public schools, strengthening the teaching profession, and enhancing the well-being of KNEA members.

KNEA Student Program Foundations

  • Teacher Quality encompasses preprofessional development and job preparation. Getting ready for the PRAXIS certification exam, resume writing, and preparing job interviews are just a few areas in which KNEA helps you become a quality educator.
  • We understand the benefits of being involved in Political Action. Electing and lobbying legislators at the local, state, and national level is the most important contribution we can make to the teaching profession. We need to educate our peers, family, and community to ensure we have the best schools in Kansas.
  • Plus we help people through Community Outreach - we call it Outreach to Teach. We volunteer, clean, and help in schools to make a difference.

Why Join KNEA-SP?

WE BELIEVE that the future is in our classrooms today and we want to make the future brighter for you.

WE BELIEVE we can make a difference. We want you to be the best teacher... ever! KNEA-SP gives you opportunities to do just that.

From Campus to Classroom

KNEA's Student Program provides a network of friends and future colleagues to help you achieve your dream of becoming a teacher.

We will help make your transition from college to the classroom as smooth as possible. Fun and informative get-togethers, networking on Facebook, timely publications, and emails provide you with teaching tips, education news, and trends to become the best in your profession.

Learn how to make a difference for your students and the teaching profession by becoming a teacher leader through the KNEA-SP Fall Conference, the KNEA-SP Representative Assembly, and numerous other chapter activities.

Save $$ on a Tight Budget!

As an observer in the classroom or while student teaching, you may be involved in situations which result in legal actions involving your personal liability. The $1,000,000 liability policy through the NEA Educators Employment Liability (ELL) program provides you the protection you need in the classroom.

PLUS! Our KNEA Membership ACCESS Card and Member Benefits programs will save you money on grocery bills, oil changes, cell phones, hotels, and dinner at a restaurant, just to name a few.

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