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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Office:  Hughes 110

Special Education or Other QPA Waiver

If you are an initially or professionally licensed Kansas teacher and have been hired in special education or in another subject area in which you do not meet requirements for a provisional license, your employer may request a Quality Performance Accreditation (QPA) waiver.  Information concerning a QPA waiver is available on the KSDE web site at

Again, you must hold an initial or professional Kansas license and you are ineligible for a QPA waiver if you hold a one-year nonrenewable, restricted, or substitute license.

Areas not eligible for a waiver include

  • Elementary
  • School Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • Building Leadership
  • District Leadership
  • Program Leadership
  • Teacher Leader

A waiver for Early Childhood Unified will be granted only if an early-late childhood (K-6) or elementary (K-9) license is held.  A waiver for Library Media or Reading Specialist will be granted only if a professional license is held.  If you meet the following criteria

  1. you are completing or intend to complete through PSU a program in a subject area in which the waiver is sought
  2. you hold the appropriate license for the granting of the waiver
  3. you have received an offer of employment

and would like PSU to provide the required "Plan of Study," please contact PSU Teacher Licensing.