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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Email: ahill@pittstate.edu
Office:  Hughes 110

PRAXIS II School Leadership Series Test Preparation

PRAXIS II test preparation materials are available as well on the Educational Testing Service registration web site at


by clicking on Prepare for a Test under For Test Takers and selecting a test from the pulldown menu under Prepare for a Praxis Test (the tests are in alphabetical order).  When you do, you will find the Test at a Glance or Study Companion information for the test including the Number of Questions and Format, Content Categories, Approximate Number of Questions, and Approximate Percentage of Questions followed by very detailed information on Topics Covered.  Some also have Sample Questions with Answers at the very end.  Many of the tests have a priced Study Guide (Print), Study Guide (eBook), and/or Practice Test (eBook) available for purchase as well.

School Leaders Licensure Assessment and School Superintendent Assessment preparation materials also are available on the same SLS registration web site at


by clicking on Test Preparation Materials and selecting an assessment from the pull down menu under Prepare for a School Leadership Series Test.  When you select School Leaders Licensure Assessment or School Superintendent Assessment, you will find the Study Companion information for each assessment.

The School Leaders Licensure Assessment includes Number of Questions, Content Categories, Percentage of Examination, Multiple-choice Questions, and Constructed Response Questions followed by detailed information Topics Covered.  There also is a Sample Scoring Guide for Constructed Response Questions for a Sample Test Question for Implementing Vision and Goals and several multiple-choice Sample Test Questions with Answers at the very end.  A Study Guide (eBook) is available for purchase as well.

The School Superintendent Assessment Study Companion information includes the Number of Scored Responses, Format, and three Test Modules with a Sample Exercise, General Scoring Guide, and Sample Responses.  A Study Guide (eBook) is available for purchase as well.