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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Email: ahill@pittstate.edu
Office:  Hughes 110

PRAXIS II and School Leadership Series Tests

Passing scores on a content knowledge test (PRAXIS II content/subject assessment) and on a pedagogy or teaching skills test (level-appropriate PRAXIS II Principles of Learning and Teaching [PLT] test) are required for an initial Kansas teaching license.

A passing score on a content knowledge test (PRAXIS II content/subject assessment) is required for any Added (Teaching) Endorsement or School Specialist License.

A passing score on the appropriate School Leadership Series (SLS) assessment is required to add a Building Leadership or District Leadership license.

PRAXIS II information including registration and required scores for Kansas are available on the Educational Testing Service web site at


The PRAXIS II tests are offered in a paper-delivered and computer-delivered format.  The paper delivered tests are offered four times each school year (September, November, March and June) but not necessarily on all test dates at each institution offering the tests.  On time registration typically closes about four weeks prior to any test date.  Shorter times are allowed for late registration (approximately three weeks prior to a test date) or emergency registration (approximately two weeks prior to a test date) but additional fees are required.  The computer delivered exams are offered in continuous testing and in testing windows, depending on the specific test.

The Educational Testing Service no longer mails a printed score report and you must access your test results online.  Therefore, approximately four weeks following your test administration date, you should log onto your Praxis Profile and download and save the PDF file to a secure location.  You also are strongly encouraged to print a couple of hardcopies of your score report to keep in a safe place.  YOU HAVE ONLY A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME to download and save your scores and if you fail to do so, the Educational Testing Service will charge you a fee to access your scores at a later date.  Test results are available earlier by utilizing the Scores by Phone service for an additional fee.

The SLS assessments are available only in a computer delivered format. Information including registration can be found at


During the registration process for both the PRAXIS II and SLS, test takers should list Pittsburg State University as a score recipient.  PSU is required to provide verification of completed assessments as part of the licensing process.

Fees for Required Assessments

PRAXIS II fees currently fall within the $100-150 range for each test  Currently, an additional $45 fee is charged for late registration and an additional $75 fee for emergency registration.  SLS fees currently are $425 for the School Leaders Licensure Assessment and $300 for the School Superintendent Assessment.  Additional fees for late or emergency registration are the same as for the PRAXIS II tests.  Again, PRAXIS II and SLS fees are subject to increase at any time.