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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Office:  Hughes 110

Initial, Substitute and One Year Nonrenewable Licenses

If you are a PSU program completer applying for your Initial Teaching License, a Standard Substitute License, or One Year Nonrenewable License, you will apply online via the KSDE web site.  Please note it is very important to have a working e-mail address that you can monitor throughout the licensure process. 

Please also note if you are applying for your initial teaching license, your application cannot be processed without your passing Praxis test scores (both PLT and content/subject assessment).  If PSU did not electronically receive your score(s) from the Educational Testing Service, you will be responsible for providing a score report.

Request Transcript

Prior to completing the online application, please order an official transcript to be mailed to Teacher Licensing, 110 Hughes Hall.  This request can be made through the Registrar's Office. You may contact the Registrar's Office at 620-235-4200.

Your transcript is necessary to verify your educational background and earned bachelor's degree.  The cost of an official transcript is $10.00.  Please do not send your transcript to KSDE.

KSDE Online Application Instructions

When you have requested your transcript and are prepared to complete the online application, you may follow the KSDE Online Application Instructions which include some graphics and which you may print if you wish to have them as you complete your application or you may follow the printed instructions provided herein.

KSDE Online Application Link

You may enter the KSDE web site to complete the online application at, and when you first enter, you will need to click on Register and request a user name and password.  When you have registered, you should be able to access the Fill Out Application box and then the Form 1 - Initial License or Added Endorsement box.

Completing the Application

The information requested in items 1-29 is personal information. Under 30 (I'm applying for:), please check Initial Teaching License (valid for two years) if you have passed both your PLT and content/subject assessment (or assessments if you are applying in more than one subject area), Standard Substitute License (valid for five years) if you have not taken and/or passed both your PLT and content/subject assessment, or a One Year Nonrenewable License (expires June 30 following its issuance) if again you have not taken and/or passed both your PLT and content/subject assessment but have an offer of employment in Kansas.  Although you are not required to verify employment for the issuance of a One Year Nonrenewable License, you are encouraged to not apply for the license unless you do.  If instead you apply for a Standard Substitute License, you still will have the option of applying for the One Year Nonrenewable License if at a future date you do receive an offer of employment in Kansas and have not yet passed both your PLT and content/subject assessment.

Under 31 (Subjects and levels of licensure requested), your subject will be your major and the levels of licensure requested will depend upon your major.  If you are an Elementary major, your level will be K-6.  If you are a Early Childhood Unified major, your level will be B-3.  If you are a secondary major (i.e., biology, chemistry, English, family and consumer science, history and government, mathematics, physics, speech/theatre, or technology education), your level will be 6-12.  If you are an all-level major (i.e., art, French, music, physical education, or Spanish), your level will be PRK-12.  If you believe you are eligible to apply for an additional subject area, please list that subject as well.

Under 32 (List of colleges and universities where courses were taken in order of attendance), please complete this section as best you can by listing all colleges and universities you have attended.  When checking "yes" or "no" for Degree Earned, only bachelor's degrees or higher are listed in the drop-down box so if you have earned an associate's degree at a community college, please check "no" under Degree Earned.  Please note that this information will be verified using the official transcript provided to Teacher Licensing.

Submitting Your Application to PSU

Please enter your data accurately and review carefully before pressing the Submit bottom at the bottom of the page.  Before you do, you may wish to print a copy by pressing the Print button also at the bottom of the page.  When you submit your application, it will appear in Pittsburg State's queue for processing.  When all required documentation has been received by Teacher Licensing (i.e., transcript, Praxis II scores and application), every effort will be made to process your application within 3-7 business days.

If you are seeking an Initial Teaching License and we have your transcript but not your test scores, we will contact you.  If you are seeking any license and we do not have your transcript, we will wait approximately 7-10 working days to receive it.  If we do not receive it within that period of time, we will notify you at the e-mail address you provide on your application that your transcript is needed to process your application.  If you do not wish to delay the processing of your application, please contact the Registrar's Office prior to completing your online application and request your transcript be forwarded to 110 Hughes Hall.