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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Office:  Hughes 110

Online Fee Payment

When Pittsburg State University has processed your online application and verified your eligibility for the license you are seeking, an automatically generated e-mail message will notify you we have done so and that you may pay your application fee.  That generated e-mail message will not reach you if your e-mail address has been typed incorrectly on your application or if your computer filters out the message as "spam" and this appears to be a fairly common occurrence.  If therefore you a) requested your transcript be sent to PSU Teacher Licensing, b) submitted your online application, c) submitted your application more than a week ago, and d) have received no e-mail message that you may pay your fee, please re-enter the KSDE online system at

with your user name and password.  If PSU has processed your application, you will see a message that reads

"The application has been submitted to KSDE."

and you will know you may pay your fee.  The current application fee is $60.00.  You are encouraged to pay your fee online and you should easily find a Make Online Payment box.  KSDE typically removes your application from the Pittsburg State queue within 24-48 hours and the date your application is removed should be the effective date of your license. There is an additional online processing fee.

You do have the option to pay your fee by check or money order but you will need to complete the Licensure Application Payment Form and mail it with your payment.  That form must accompany your paper check or money order to ensure your payment is credited to your application record and a paper check or money order will not be processed without it.  If you mail your fee payment, it can take up to two weeks and sometimes longer in peak times for your application to be removed from Pittsburg State's queue.  Since again the effective date of your license should be the date your application is removed from PSU's queue, you are encouraged to make an online fee payment if you need your license to show an effective date as soon as possible.

If your application remains in PSU's queue for 3-4 weeks after it has been processed, we will notify you at the e-mail address you provide on your application that you may pay your fee.  Your application will stay active in the KSDE online system for six months.  If after six months KSDE has not received your fee, your application will be deleted for lack of payment and you will be notified of its deletion at the e-mail address you provide on your application.