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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Email: ahill@pittstate.edu
Office:  Hughes 110

Adding Endorsements by Testing

Any Kansas licensed teacher may add any of the following teaching endorsements by passing the appropriate PRAXIS II content/subject assessment:

A middle level teaching endorsement in grades five through eight (5-8) in

    • English Language Arts
    • History, Government and Social Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Science

      A secondary level teaching endorsement in grades six through twelve (6-12) in

      • Agriculture
      • Biology
      • Business
      • Chemistry
      • Earth and Space Science
      • English Language Arts
      • Family and Consumer Science
      • History and Government
      • Mathematics
      • Physics
      • Psychology
      • Speech/Theatre
      • Technology Education

      An all-level teaching endorsement in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve (PK-12) in

      • Art
      • English for Speakers of Other Language [ESOL]
      • French
      • Health
      • Music
      • Physical Education
      • Spanish

      with an earned passing score on the PRAXIS II content/subject assessment required for the endorsement sought.  Exceptions are Early Childhood Unified, Early-Late Childhood (Elementary), and Special Education or any School Specialist or School Leadership License.

      The appropriate PRAXIS II content/subject assessment code to add any of the allowed endorsements is available on the Educational Testing Service web site at

      http://www.ets.org/PRAXIS II/prxreg.html

      by clicking on state testing requirements and again on Kansas.  Passing scores for Kansas are provided in the far right-hand column.

      If you take and pass a PRAXIS II content/subject assessment and are eligible for an Added (Teaching) Endorsement by test only, you have two options to add the endorsement.  You may access the Online application link and information/instructions to apply for a Kansas Added (Teaching) Endorsement, Initial School Specialist License, or Initial School Leadership License and re-enter the online system with your previously requested user name and password.  If you have not previously used the online system or if you have but do not remember your user name and password, you will need to either register for the first time or  re-register.  When completing the application and under 26 (I'm applying for:), please check Added Endorsement(s) to an Existing License.

      When you submit your application, it will appear in Pittsburg State's queue for processing.  The process then will follow the same procedure as described in the instructions under Online application link and information/instructions to apply for a Kansas Added (Teaching) Endorsement, Initial School Specialist License, or Initial School Leadership License.  If you coded PSU to receive your PRAXIS II test score from the Educational Testing Service at the time you registered, we should have that score to verify your eligibility for the added endorsement by test only.  If, however, Pittsburg State University did not receive your score, you will be contacted to provide necessary documentation.

      Your other option to add the endorsement by test only is to complete the FORM 22 Application for ADDING A TEACHING ENDORSEMENT TO A VALID TEACHING LICENSE THROUGH TESTING available on the KSDE web site at


      and mail it with the application fee and verification of your passing score on appropriate PRAXIS II content/subject assessment directly to KSDE to the address that appears at the bottom of the application.