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Teacher Licensing Contact

Amanda Hill
PSU Educational Licensing Officer

Phone:  620-235-6153
Office:  Hughes 110

Adding Endorsements by Testing

Any Kansas licensed teacher may add any of the following teaching endorsements by passing the appropriate PRAXIS II content/subject assessment:

A middle level teaching endorsement in grades five through eight (5-8) in

    • English Language Arts
    • History, Government and Social Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Science

      A secondary level teaching endorsement in grades six through twelve (6-12) in

      • Agriculture
      • Biology
      • Business
      • Chemistry
      • Earth and Space Science
      • English Language Arts
      • Family and Consumer Science
      • History and Government
      • Mathematics
      • Physics
      • Psychology
      • Speech/Theatre
      • Technology Education

      An all-level teaching endorsement in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve (PK-12) in

      • Art
      • English for Speakers of Other Language [ESOL]
      • French
      • Health
      • Music
      • Physical Education
      • Spanish

      with an earned passing score on the PRAXIS II content/subject assessment required for the endorsement sought.  Exceptions are Early Childhood Unified, Early-Late Childhood (Elementary), and Special Education or any School Specialist or School Leadership License.

      The appropriate PRAXIS II content/subject assessment code to add any of the allowed endorsements in the state of Kansas is available on the Educational Testing Service web site at:

      If you take and pass a PRAXIS II content/subject assessment and are eligible for an Added (Teaching) Endorsement by test only, you will need to complete the FORM 22 Application for ADDING A TEACHING ENDORSEMENT TO A VALID TEACHING LICENSE THROUGH TESTING available on the KSDE web site at

      and mail it with the application fee and verification of your passing score on appropriate PRAXIS II content/subject assessment directly to KSDE to the address that appears at the bottom of the application.