Exhibit 6.5m - Unit Advertising

University Marketing

Pittsburg State University has greatly increased its external marketing efforts over the last five years. The need to expand the institution's marketing program is the result of increased competition for undergraduate and graduate students and a declining high school population in Southeast Kansas, Pittsburg State's traditional catchment area. The goal of PSU's marketing activities is to promote the PSU brand and to create and sustain brand awareness with key demographic groups through the web, television, radio, print, and outdoor advertising mediums. Strategically, PSU marketing activities are centered on two primary institutional goals: increase student enrollment and increase donor giving. Both of these are accomplished through image building and program specific marketing initiatives.

Perhaps PSU's most ambitious marketing undertaking occurred in 2008 when the staff in university marketing spearheaded a re-design of the www.pittstate.edu web site. This effort, funded through a $100,000 allocation from Pittsburg State University, resulted in completely new pages, consistent in style and message, three levels deep throughout the web site. The key audiences for which the re-design was undertaken were prospective students and their parents, and prospective and current donors. Screenshots shown below illustrate the dramatic increase in appeal and functionality the new web site has provided individuals seeking more information about the institution's programs and services.

Old PSU Web Page New PSU Website
PSU Website in 2007 - (Prior to re-design) PSU Website in 2009 - (After re-design)

Currently, Pittsburg State University has a marketing budget of $150,000. The average marketing budget of our peer institutions is $350,000. Because of these financial constraints on the marketing program, the university has focused its efforts on those geographic areas with the greatest potential for new students (undergraduate and graduate) and new donors. For PSU, this means Southwest Missouri. Since 1999, Pittsburg State University has offered in-state tuition to students living in counties bordering Kansas in Southwest Missouri and Southeast Oklahoma. Unlike the communities in Southeast Kansas, towns such as Joplin, MO, and Tulsa, OK, have experienced an increase in high school graduation rates, prompting PSU to view these areas as prime targets for new undergraduate students. Because PSU is located only twenty miles from the Missouri border, the institution's marketing efforts have focused on drawing students to the university from communities in Southwest Missouri. Currently, PSU dedicates a majority of its marketing dollars to outdoor (billboard) advertising and radio and television broadcast advertising in Southwest Missouri. The primary message conveyed in these marketing activities is in-state tuition, small class sizes, traditional campus environment, and one-rate tuition pricing, all of which are brand promises PSU can sustain. Examples of the university's outdoor advertising program are shown below.  

Billboard 1Billboard 2 

Television commercials from the institution's current broadcast marketing program are linked below and can be viewed with Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Undergraduate Ads Graduate Ads

The Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies promotes all off-campus, online and Graduate degree programs using a variety of marketing methods. The marketing plan includes print ads, radio spots, TV & cable, billboards, internet banners, web links, personal e-mails, direct mail and attendance at special events such as career fairs.

Below are examples of print ads produced by the Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies.