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Pittsburg State University

Conceptual Framework Exhibits (2012 Focus Visit)

Standard 2 Exhibits (2012 Focus Visit)

Exhibit Number Exhibit Name Format of Exhibit
2.1a Unit Assessment System - Initial Programs Word
2.1b Unit Assessment System - Advanced Programs Word
2.2 Basic Skills Requirement Mean Ratings Word
2.3b Teacher Work Sample Curriculum Map (Elementary) Word
2.3c Teacher Work Sample Curriculum Map (Secondary/PK-12) Word
2.4a Knowledge Base Mean Ratings Advanced Programs Excel
2.4b PLT Mean Scores for Initial Programs Word
2.4c PLT Pass Rates for Initial Programs Word
2.4d PLT/Content Candidate Summary Excel
2.4e Program Completers Key Assessments Three Year Summary Excel
2.4f Content Exams Means and Pass Rates for Initial Programs Word
2.4g Advanced Program Content Mean Scores Word
2.4h Professional Semester Cooperating Teacher Mean Ratings Excel
2.4i Professional Semester University Supervisor Mean Ratings Excel
2.5a Comparison BSE vs. MAT Knowledge Base Ratings Excel
2.5b Comparison BSE vs. MAT PLT-Content Mean Scores Word
2.5c Comparison Advanced Programs On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Word
2.6 Student Complaint Process Word
2.7 Student Complaint Files Link
Explorations in Education Field Experience Evaluation Word
Overview Field Experience Evaluation Word
Clinical Experience Field Experience Evaluation Word
CARTE Petition PDF
Follow-up Surveys Advanced Programs Link
Follow-up Surveys Initial Programs Link
Advanced Programs Admission Recommendation Forms Link
Data Flow Chart Word
Teacher Work Sample Template Word
Teacher Work Sample Rubric Excel