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Minor in Innovation Engineering
Offered by Pittsburg State University
Kelce College of Business and College of Technology

Innovation and the ability to be creative continue to gain steam as attractive qualities in job applicants. According to a survey conducted for the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 95 percent of employers say they give hiring preference to college graduates “with skills that will enable them to contribute to innovation in the workplace.” Also, 90 percent of employers say that “innovation is essential” to their organizations’ success.


The survey also concluded that more than three in four employers say they want colleges to place more emphasis on helping students develop five key learning outcomes, including: critical thinking, complex problem-solving, written and oral communication, and applied knowledge in real-world settings. More and more, employers are looking for applicants who can think outside of the box and be creative. They want someone who can solve complex problems and have the capacity for continued learning. For many, that’s even more important than what the students majored in.


The Minor in Innovation Engineering, open to any major on campus, will teach students the techniques and systems used to create, connect, and commercialize unique ideas. The primary purpose is to provide students with the tools necessary to identify potential new ventures, create marketable concepts, connect with potential target markets, and to follow through and commercialize the product, service or activity.

IE 580 Create: Innovation Engineering I           3
IE 590 Connect: Innovation Engineering II  3
IE 670 Commercialize: Innovation Engineering III  3
IE 680 Experience: Innovation Engineering Case Study 3
Support Courses:
IE 685 Innovation Engineering Internship    3
IE 695 Innovation Engineering Independent Study   3
Total 18

For more information contact:

Dr. Mark Johnson
University Professor
Technology and Workforce Learning

Dr. Linden Dalecki
Associate Professor

Management and Marketing