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Economics, Finance & Banking

Michael Davidsson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Gladys A. Kelce College of Business

Phone: 620-235-4592

Office: 114 Kelce


Curriculum Vitae

Michael Davidsson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and came to the United States in 1985.  Davidsson was sponsored by the Fulbright Institute for his studies in the United States in 1985.    In 1988 Davidsson received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business from the Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  In 1991 he received his Master’s Degree in Economics and Business from University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Davidsson is married to Billie Janene who grew up in Commerce, Oklahoma.  Davidsson’s daughter Elin lives in Iceland with her husband Anil Thapa and their two children, Helgi Alex, eight years of age, and Elisa Karen, four years old.    Davidsson’s stepdaughter, Lori Renae, lives in Haskell, Arkansas with her husband Michael, and their son Brandon Delano, five years of age.  Davidsson’s son, Hafthor Brynjar Erlingsson, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and is earning his Master’s Degree in Political Science.

Davidsson worked for Liberty bank in Oklahoma City in the early 1990’s and then worked for the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce for almost 12 years.  In 2002 Davidsson returned to school to earn his PhD in Economics.  Davidsson has taught for Oklahoma State University, Oral Roberts University and University of Tulsa. 

Davidsson thinks it is important to give back to the community and has helped on community fundraising efforts for Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Tulsa.  In his free time Davidsson enjoys playing racquet ball, soccer and traveling.