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Text Breakers
Jungle Nights
When:  Fri, February 28 2014 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Location:  Crimson & Gold Ballroom
Address:  302 E. Cleveland, Pittsburg, KS
Contact:  Eva Sager
Contact Phone:  620-235-4795

If you can text, you can win some awesome prizes so bring your friends, your phone and an appetite because there will be free food too!

Text Breakers is a fun interactive game show designed to creatively make teams think of humorous answers. Send your response in via text message and watch it appear on a large screen for the entire audience to see. 

 Event Rounds Include:

  • Trivia: Text in the correct answer.
  • Hilarious picture captions: Text funny captions to the picture on the screen.
  • Funny scenarios: Text what you would do or say if in the scenario.
  • Whisper down the text: An aisle seat whispers a sentence down the row to the other aisle seat. That player texts what they think the sentence is. 
  • Misleading Movie Plots: Text in the correct movie to the misleading plot. 
  • Text Pictures: Mobile pictures are sent up to the screen and displayed throughout the event.
  • Text 2 Draw: Players come up to the stage and draw a picture on an iPad...blindfolded. The audience watches the screen as they try to guess what is being drawn and text in their answers. 
  • Text Improv Comedy: Audience members are called to the stage and are given various scenarios to act out. Everyone else texts in what they think the scenario is. Props, sound effects and other materials are used to enhance their acting skills.
  • Physical Competitions: Players are chosen to compete in mini physical competitions that include prizes. 
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