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Inequality For All movie & live webcast
When:  Thu, February 20 2014 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Location:  Russ Hall 409
Address:  Russ Hall
Contact:  David Adams
Contact Phone:  620-235-4795

 Campuses throughout the United States will view the film at the same time on their respective campuses, then join a live webcast with Reich,  from San Francisco State University.  During the live webcast, Robert Reich will discuss various components of the film and provide further understanding on why the film was produced.


The American Democracy Project, now 11 years old, has explored a number of critical issues over the past decade.  The loss of the middle class is an important issue and the divide is growing between rich and poor.  That divide increases polarization and bitterness, makes reaching collaborative solutions more difficult, and threatens our democracy.  This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, not a liberal or conservative issue.  Our growing inequality is a threat to us all.  But it is particularly a threat to the work that we do every day on our campuses to provide pathways to opportunity and a better life for millions of our students.


More information on Robert Reich can be found at


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