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Career Information

A business degree opens the doors to a wide variety of career opportunities across all fields. We've compiled a few of those opportunties for you below. Browse career information for the following degrees:

Career Opportunities for Accounting

The Department of Accounting offers degree programs leading to exciting and rewarding careers in public accounting, industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

The Department of Accounting considers placement of its graduates to be a primary part of our mission. However, placement of our majors is a shared responsibility of each student, the Department of Accounting, and the PSU Career Services Office.

Career Opportunities for Computer and Information Systems

The typical graduate finds employment in business, industry, or government as a programmer, programmer/analysts, information technology support specialist, various other positions related to operating and managing a modern information technology installation.

Some students choose to continue their study as a graduate student. With experience or further study, a graduate may advance to positions such as systems analysts, software engineer, project manager, database administrator, or manager of information systems.

Career Opportunities for Economics, Finance & Banking

A major in economics is designed for students who wish careers in bank management, business forecasting, labor relations, operations analysis, or who wish to pursue managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations. A major in finance prepares students for careers in banking, investment houses, savings and loan institutions, credit unions, credit management, and for managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations. The study of economics and finance requires a blend of analytical, evaluative and descriptive skills and can be very challenging and rewarding.

Career Opportunities for Management & Marketing

The Management and Marketing Department offers degree programs leading to a wide variety of rewarding careers. A degree in management can lead to careers that place them in leadership roles. These careers might include sales, research, general management, or entrepreneurship. A degree in marketing can lead to careers in advertising, sales, research, product and brand management, or many other possibilities.

Career Opportunities for Master of Business Administration

Career opportunities for MBA graduates often lead to lifetime earnings of $500,000 more than that of those not holding the degree. Possible careers might include accountant, advertising manager, business manager, entrepreneur, executive manager, management consultant, marketing director, PR specialist, or product manager.

Career Services

Career Services

Visit Career Services to discover how Pitt State can help you on your way to the career you've been preparing for.