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Technology Fact...

The majority of the College of Technology grads have an average starting salary of $44,000, well above the national mean.

Enrollment Fact

PSU had the highest undergraduate and total spring enrollment in its history during the 2011 spring semester.

Unique Program Fact...

Pitt State's Plastics, Automotive and Wood Technology programs are among the only programs of their type in the nation.

2009 Homecoming King Ryan Sorell and Queen Holly Kerr


Pittsburg State is pleased to be a partner in your student's education. We understand that you have a large personal and financial investment in the education of your son or daughter and, thus, in Pitt State. We are pleased that your family is looking in to becoming, or has already chosen to become part of our family and community. After all, the strength of Pittsburg State University is in its people - the faculty, staff, administrators, students, families and the community.

What Parents Say

About our orientation program:

"The campus and personnel overall are outstanding."

"Well organized and informative. Evident that you do care."

"Helped me feel better about sending my first child to college."

"Definately appreciated the personal touch."

About campus visits:

"PSU has a beautiful campus and I love the buildings. Also I like the school's unity."

"The staff and students were very helpful and hospitable."

"Overall exceptional day; all questions were answered."


What Students Say to Parents

  • College is not just going to class—I need to have fun, too!
  • Make plans to come to Pitt for Family Weekend and visit me on campus when you can.  I'm excited about college and I want to share it with you!
  • Care packages, letters--even email--are very much appreciated, especially during the holidays, when I might be missing home and family a little more than usual.
  • Trust me!  Listen when I call with a problem, but let me try to handle it myself.  I need your support and encouragement, but I also need to learn from my own mistakes.  And don't worry; I'll remember the values and morals you instilled in me.  I might, however, forget how to do laundry!
  • Let me try new things.  I might change everything from my major to my hair color, but I'm still the person you know and love.
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