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It is undeniable that students are protected in their exercise of freedom of expression by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and the 11th article in the Kansas Constitution. Accordingly, University officials are responsible for ensuring freedom of expression for all student-journalists.

It is the policy of the Joint University Student Publications Board and Pittsburg State University that the Collegio and Kanza, the official University-sponsored publications of P.S.U., have been established as forums for student expression. Each publication should provide a full opportunity for student journalists to inquire, question and exchange ideas. Content should reflect all areas of student interest, including topics about which there may be dissent or controversy. University officials will neither restrict, nor assume responsibility for, statements made by student journalists involved with the publication of the Collegio and the Kanza. It is the policy of the Joint University Student Publications Board that student journalists shall have the right to determine the content of official student publications. Accordingly, the Student Publication Board guidelines relate only to establishing grounds for disciplinary actions following publication. Any disciplinary action taken against students for violation of this policy shall be conducted pursuant to regular University student disciplinary procedures.

The Joint University Student Publications Board (chaired by the Dean of Arts and Sciences) has the responsibility to hear charges concerning violation of operational procedures, journalistic standards, and/or journalistic freedom as they relate to the day-to-day operations of the Student Publications.

Any recognized student organization or member of the University community may file a written request for hearing for any grievance against a student publication. The Publications Board will conduct a hearing according to the due process guidelines in the Pittsburg State University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (Article 34, Student Conduct Code, Section E. Disciplinary Process).

A complete copy of the Rights and Responsibilities of PSU Student Publications is available from the Student Publications Office, 220 Whitesitt Hall, or the Dean of Arts and Sciences, 311 Grubbs Hall.

Updated August 2017