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Overdue financial obligations to the University (e.g., overdue library books, parking violations, equipment breakage, financial aid) will be noted as follows:

  1. Notification of Obligation: Immediately upon incurring an obligation to the University of $10 or more, the student will receive a notice of that obligation. The student will be notified again of the obligation for a second and final time (so stated in the notification). Following the final notification, the administrative unit responsible for issuing the notification of obligation shall request a hold be placed on the transcript and enrollment permits.
  2. Prohibition of Enrollment and Retention of Transcripts: A hold is a stop process order on the release of transcripts and University enrollment. Issuing administrative unit's request the Office of the Registrar to place holds on student's records. The student will not be permitted to enroll for the beginning of a new semester if they have an outstanding obligation due the University for a previous semester. Transcripts will not be sent to any school or place of employment for students with a hold on their permanent record.
  3. Removing Holds: Students may remove holds by meeting or clearing their obligation. Holds can be removed by having the obligation cleared by the responsible administrative unit's request of that action by the Office of the Registrar. When a hold is cleared, the administrative unit forwards Copy 3 of the Request to Place Hold form to the Registrar with the appropriate signature. The student is given a receipt.
  4. Administrative Offices Authorized to Place Holds: The following administrative offices are authorized to place holds on transcripts and enrollment:
    Academic Departments School of Education Instructional Resource Center
    Admission Office Student Life
    Cashier's Office Student Health Center
    Graduate Studies Ticket/Testing/Check Cashing Office
    Leonard H. Axe Library University Housing
    Military Science Department University Police (Parking)
    Registrar's Office Financial Assistance Office