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An External speaker is any individual, group, or organization wishing to appear or speak on campus but not officially sanctioned or invited by Pittsburg State University or its respective registered campus organizations. The following serves as procedures regarding External speakers at Pittsburg State University:

  1. An External Speaker shall complete an External Speaker policy form at the Office of Student Life, 221 Russ Hall, (620)235-4231.
  2. Upon completion of the form, the Office of Student Life will notify the proper University officials and will coordinate the allocation of University facilities for public address.
  3. All External Speakers will be informed of all related policies regarding public address as stipulated by the University, Board of Regents, and State of Kansas.
  4. All External Speakers are expected to abide by all existing policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines.
  5. Pittsburg State University reserves the right to specify locations for public address and reserves the right to deny a request by any External Speaker if determined that the proposed public address would constitute a clear and present danger to the institutions orderly operation by the External speakers Advocacy of such actions as:
    1. The violent overthrow of the government of the United States, any individual state, or political subdivision;
    2. The willful damage or destruction, seizure, and subversion of the institutions buildings or other property;
    3. The forcible disruption or impairment of, or interference with the institutions regularly scheduled classes or other functions; and
    4. The physical harm, coercion, intimidation, or other invasion of lawful rights of the institution's officials, faculty members, or students; and,
    5. Other campus disorders of a violent nature.
  6. Pittsburg State University will deny approval for a location on the Oval in all requests which utilize amplified speech or music equipment. Exceptions will be approved by the Vice President of Student Life.