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A registered student organization (RSO) is defined as a group consisting of at least 100% students. Members must be students, as defined by Article 3 of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, however, the president, chairperson, or chief officer must be a full-time student (at least 12 hours undergraduate or 6 hours graduate). If membership is open to persons outside of the college campus community, all officers must be students. Only those organizations registered with the Campus Activities Center are considered to be a RSO. 

Privileges of Organization Registration University recognition provides student groups the opportunity to enjoy the privileges listed below:

  • The use of the name of the University in the title of the organization (following related licensing guidelines)
  • The use of meeting rooms in the Overman Student Center, bulletin boards, digital display advertising, and other University facilities
  • Request for allocations from the Student Government Association
  • The use of the Business Office for financial advising and banking services
  • To request approval of posters by the Student Government Association and University Housing
  • Assistance from University staff members
  • Organizational mailbox at the Campus Activities Center
  • Inclusion in the online Directory of Student Organizations
  • Permission for maintenance of a web page attached to the University’s website (following all related guidelines)

Organizations may be established within the University for any legal purpose whether the aims are religious, political, educational, economic, or social. Affiliation or disaffiliation with an extramural organization shall not disqualify the University-based branch or chapter from University privileges. As a general rule, membership in all University related organizations shall be open to any student. A student may not be denied the rights of access to and participation in any University-sponsored or University-approved activity because of race, sex, or religion and such other basis as are current in the University Affirmative Action statement.

Updated September 2017