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Facilities at Pittsburg State University are for the use of the University and are not available for unrestricted use.

  1. Advertising: Posting of flyers and distributing handbills is illegal according to Pittsburg City ordinance. They may not be distributed on campus, nor placed on parked vehicles. University posters must meet the current poster guidelines and have the approval stamp from the Student Government Association Office in the Jack H. Overman Student Center.
  2. Solicitation: All campus solicitors must meet city solicitation standards and must check in with the University Police in Lower Level, Shirk Hall. No solicitation is permitted in University residence halls.
  3. Lotteries/Raffles: Prohibited by Kansas law.
  4. Food Sales: Any foods sold or served on the University campus must have been prepared in a health-inspected kitchen or purchased from the University food service except for University events approved in advance by the Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Auxiliary Services or which are served in a closed group situation.
  5. Credit Card Solicitation:  In accordance with Kansas Board of Regents On-Campus Credit Card Solicitation Policy (amended and adopted 10/17/02), Pittsburg State University implements the following stipulations regarding the marketing and solicitation of credit cards to students.

1.               1.  Credit card solicitation shall be defined as any effort (direct personal contact or distribution
               of written material) in which the goal is to persuade any individual to submit application
               for a credit card.
          2.  Credit card solicitation shall be prohibited during a period beginning seven days prior
               through fourteen days following the first day of classes for each academic semester,
               intercession term, or summer class session.
          3.  All individuals or organizations intending to solicit applications for credit cards on the
               Pittsburg State University campus are required to submit registration of intent to solicit
               credit card applications and subsequently receive approval as to time, place, and manner
               by the Office of Campus Life and Auxiliary Services.
          4.  Information on the responsible use of credit and the risk of credit use must be provided
               to each individual contacted to submit application for credit.  The content of such infor-
               mation is subject to approval of the Office of Campus Life and Auxiliary Services as a
               part of the registration/authorization process (Item 3 above).
          5.  Locations at which credit card solicitation may occur shall be limited to the Overman
               Student Center, the campus oval, and university athletic event venues.  Solicitation in
               these areas will adhere to all terms of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
               and all rules and regulations for use of facilities, space, or equipment within the specified
          6.  Pittsburg State University shall include educational materials on the responsibile use of
               credit and the risk of credit use in student orientation programs and materials.