Physics - Minor

A degree in physics prepares students to enter many professions including physics, astronomy, engineering, computer science, management, medicine, journalism, geology, meteorology and many others. Physics students learn how to identify, quantify, and solve real-world problems and this makes them extremely valuable to prospective companies and laboratories.

To prepare students, the PSU Physics Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics in a variety of different emphases:

  • Professional (preparation for graduate study)
  • Computational Physics
  • Polymer Physics
  • Pre-medical Studies
  • Solid State Electronic Devices
  • Customized Option

We also offer Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with two Majors:

  • Physics
  • Physical Science

Career Opportunities

  • Physical Science Education
  • Physics Education
  • Physics
  • Pre-Engineering (Mechanical, Mechanical-Nuclear, Electrical, Aeronautical, Industrial)