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A committee of five faculty members and two current students in the Honors College will review each qualified application against a 100 point rubric with points as follows:

40 points-Academic Record to include ACT, GPA, and Transcript Analysis

25 points-School Activities, Community Service, Employment, Honors and Awards

15 points-Essay Evaluation

10 points-Letters of Recommendation

10 points-Discretionary

Once the points are collected from each committee member, a matrix will be created, scores averaged, and a line drawn at the top 48 applicants.  These are the applicants who will be invited to campus for On-Campus Interviews to be held on Sunday, February 8th.

For the interviews, applicants will be brought to campus in two cohorts of 24 each.  A brief meeting will be held first to explain the process and answer questions, followed by a series of 18 minute interviews for each applicant.  There will be four interview rooms, each with a committee member, a current student in the Honors College, and an alumnus of the Honors College.  All applicants will be asked the same series of questions.

The interview will be evaluated on a 50 point rubric with points as follows:

Appearance, Fluency of Response, Depth of Response, Non-Verbal Communication, and Perceived Personality.

Once the points are collected from each Interview Panel Member, an average will be calculated and these points added to the original 100 points.  A line will be drawn at the top 36 applicants and those are the students who will be invited to the Honors College.  The remaining 12 students will be kept in a holding pool and moved up should someone in the top 36 not accept their invitation.