Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate

Online Program

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate Online

During the course of the program, candidates must be employed as full time para-educators in accredited Kansas schools, working with secondary students who have high-incidence learning needs.  All of the courses and course assignments are predicated on working with middle/secondary students with high-incidence learning needs.

Undergraduate students may begin the Certification program in their final semester with approval from their advisor and the ESOL advisor.

Why Pitt State?

Candidates do not have to know another language in order to be successful in this certificate.  The purpose of the program is to support candidates as they learn how to develop and differentiate curriculum, teach English while teaching the academic content, assess learning, and provide support for families who are not Native English speakers.  Native English speakers with an ESOL certificate are highly sought after by international English Language Institutions.

The ESOL certificate consists of 18 graduate credit hours and can be completed in three semesters. These courses can apply to the Master of Science in Teaching with an emphasis in ESOL program.  This program is open to candidates outside of Kansas and internationally. Non-native English speaking candidates must submit a passing TOFEL score at the time of application.

Career Options

ESOL teaching is identified in Kansas, nationally and internationally as a high need field.  Graduates with this minor can be employed in a variety of settings:

  • Pre-school ESOL teacher in a KS public school (teaching license required)
  • Elementary ESOL teacher in a KS public school (teaching license required)
  • Middle level ESOL teacher in a KS public school (teaching license required)
  • Secondary ESOL teacher in a KS public school (teaching license required)
  • English Language Institutions in the US
  • English Language Institutions Internationally
  • Adult Education ESOL teacher

Internship and research opportunities for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages majors

The capstone course for the ESOL certificate is Practicum in English for Speakers of Other Languages.  There are 90 required hours of field experience in any grade level from pre-school through grade 12.  Candidates work with a small group of English Language Learners developing lesson plans, teaching, and assessing student work.  A portfolio of candidate work that meets the Kansas ESOL standards is required.  Candidates are encouraged to participate in research as part of this certificate.

Required Courses

Students may enter the program in the Spring Semester Only.

Spring Semester

TCHL 853

Advanced Assessment and the English Language Learners

3 Credit Hours

TCHL 551

Diversity in the Classroom

3 Credit Hours

Summer Semester

ENGL 714

Applied Linguistics for ESOL

3 Credit Hours

TCHL 852

Advanced Culture and Language Acquisitions for ELLs

3 Credit Hours

Fall Semester

TCHL 854

Advanced Methods and Instructional Materials for ELLs

3 Credit Hours

TCHL 855

Advanced Practicum with ELLs

3 Credit Hours

Admission Requirements

  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor's degree or be in their final semester of a PSU undergraduate program.
  • Undergraduate degree; 3.0 GPA or admitted with condition
  • International Students who are not Native Speaking of English must pass the TOEFL with a score of 79 or higher.


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