Teaching (Special Education / Alternative Licensure)

Graduate Program: Teaching (Special Education / Alternative Licensure)

Online Program

Teaching (Special Education / Alternative Licensure) Graduate Program Online

The Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education/Alternative Licensure is a licensure program designed for para-educators. It is a two year, 36 hour, online program, that begins each summer. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree in a non-teaching area and at least one-year experience working as a para-educator. The program allows teacher candidates to earn a Kansas teaching license in High-Incidence, formerly Adaptive, Special Education, grades 6-12. During the course of the program, candidates must be employed as full time para-educators in accredited Kansas schools, working with middle.secondary students who have high-incidence learning needs.

Teaching (Special Education / Alternative Licensure) program distinctives

Options available for the degree include:

    Option III: Course Work
        This option requires completion of course work that demonstrates evidence of advanced course work in an area of concentration. Departments will require evidence of competency through activities such as research papers, portfolios, practice, internships, comprehensive exams or other individual work. Students should check with their major department for specific requirements for the coursework.

Career Options for Teaching (Special Education / Alternative Licensure)

  • Special Education Teacher Grades 6-12, High Incidence
  • Graduate Student in the Low Incidence (Functional) Endorsement program

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Admission to this graduate degree program requires:

  • Interview with Teacher Education Office
  • Successful completion of a basic skills test
  • Two letters of recommended
  • Writing sample
  • Complete Professional Disposition Assessment
  • 3.0 undergraduate GPA
  • Background Check
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA first 12 hours of Graduate work

Required Courses:

  • PSYCH 810 Advanced Educational Psychology
  • READ 870 Developmental Reading
  • SPED 738 Characteristics of Adaptive Learners
  • SPED 744 Special Education Teaching
  • SPED 745 Behavioral Analysis and Management
  • SPED 750 Assessment in Special Education
  • SPED 761 Practicum
  • SPED 780 Teach Sec Stud in an Adaptive Setting
  • SPED 849 Partnerships with Families
  • SPED 861 The Professional Special Educator
  • TCHL 825 The Prof Teacher: Initial Experience
  • TCHL 839 Techniques for Teaching


Students in the Teaching (Special Education / Alternative Licensure) program take a selection of classes that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.

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