Packaging Graphics

Packaging Graphics Degree Emphasis

Packaging Graphics Undergraduate Degree Emphasis

The core curriculum within the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies (GIT) includes courses common among all of our 6 emphasis areas. These courses are primarily introductory classes that provide students with the basic information and fundamental software skills that they need to succeed in the graphics industry. Within the core curriculum, there are also 2 upper division classes, an internship, and a capstone class.

The courses in the packaging graphics emphasis combine graphic and structural design, digital file preparation, print production, distribution, and testing.  All of these areas relate to a variety of packaging applications.

Students also choose elective courses from other emphases within the Department of GIT in addition to support courses from other areas throughout the university. These courses give the students a wider understanding of the packaging industry as it relates to other areas.

The courses within this emphasis are listed below:

  • Introduction to Packaging Technologies
  • Print File Preparation and Preflighting
  • Printing Technologies
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Rigid Packaging
  • Paperboard Packaging
  • Color Reproduction
  • Packaging Materials and Processes

Packaging Graphics major distinctives

Courses in the Packaging Graphics emphasis cover skills ranging from the creative aspects of packaging design and development to the technical aspects of the production of the finished packaging materials.

Students in this emphasis develop a broad base of skills that enable them to be successful in a wide variety of careers within the packaging industry. Many of the courses in this emphasis are laboratory courses where students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in through hands-on application. Students complete a diverse array of projects that cover many aspects of the packaging industry.

Career Options for Packaging Graphics majors

Almost every product purchased by consumers has some sort of packaging. In addition to influencing purchasing decisions, packaging is used to contain, protect, preserve, inform, display, and transport a wide variety of products of many types and styles. Types of packaging range from boxes to bags to bottles and are found in markets such as food and beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, health and personal care, automotive and hardware, and many others.

As a Packaging Graphics graduate, you will have career opportunities in creative fields such as structural or graphic design, in technical fields such as print production and quality control, and in management fields such as sales and customer service. Depending on your preference, many challenging and exciting options are available.

Typical Positions/Areas in Packaging Graphics:

  • Printing Press Supervisor
  • Package Structural Designer
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Packaging Developer
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Research and Development
  • Print Production
  • Packaging Graphic Designer

Typical Employers in Packaging Graphics:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Material Suppliers/Vendors
  • Ad Agencies
  • Contract Packaging Companies
  • Packaging Converters
  • Print Production Facilities

Internship and research opportunities for Packaging Graphics majors

While the emphasis in Packaging Graphics is new to the Graphics and Imaging Technologies department, graduates who have earned a degree in Graphic Communications have already entered into careers within the packaging industry. The new emphasis will expand and enhance career opportunities into a broader array of companies creating and producing packaging graphics.

Several packaging companies have already begun attending our Company Day events seeking students for post-graduate employment opportunities. This type of industry support proves that these regional, national, and international companies understand the superior quality of a Graphic Communications degree with an emphasis in Packaging Graphics from Pittsburg State University. Industry leaders know that our graduates will have the skills to get the job done right and the creative minds to produce projects that generate profits.

Packaging companies that have attended our Company Days are listed below: 

  • Huhtamaki, Inc.
  • Kendall King Group
  • Bennett Packaging
  • Vanguard Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging Technologies
  • Bemis Packaging
  • Group 360


Students take a selection of classes to complete Packaging Graphics emphasis.

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