Marketing Degree

Marketing Undergraduate Degree

Marketing is the link to an organization's customer - the firm's source of revenue. Its focus is on answering these questions:

  • Who is the organization's customer?
  • What does she need and want?
  • How can the organization fulfill those needs and wants, delivering satisfaction to the customer profitably?

In choosing to major in marketing, you will gain a robust understanding of the field through classes such as Consumer Behavior, Personal Selling and Sales Management, Marketing Research, and Advanced Marketing Management. You'll also gain an integrative understanding of how different disciplines of the business function together through the Kelce Core. 

Marketing major distinctives

Learning in marketing courses offered by the Kelce College of Business involves more than lecture and case study. Students will apply their knowledge to solve problems for real clients, guided by dedicated and engaged faculty members.

Career Options for Marketing

Marketing graduates are in high demand. You'd be able to work in a variety of for-profit and non-profit fields, including marketing, advertising, sales and sales management, buying, retail management, and business development, and marketing research and customer analytics. Marketing graduates are needed and can practice in virtually any industry, including governmental and non-profit industries.

Firms that have recently employed our marketing majors include: Cerner, Google, Wal-Mart, New York Life, Zappos, Federal Reserve Bank, Aflac, Advantage Sales and Marketing, Sherwin Williams, and many others. 

Many of our graduates continue their formal education through Masters programs and beyond. Typically, these graduates will pursue an MBA.


Internship and research opportunities

We encourage you to consider and complete at least one internship. We'll work with you if you'd like to earn course credit during the internship. Your advisor will have more information about earning credit for an internship.

Learn more about the Department of Management & Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing houses three majors (International Business, Management, and Marketing) and three minors (Business Administration, International Business, and Marketing), as well as serving as the academic home for the Kelce MBA. Fourteen fulltime faculty members serve nearly 600 undergraduate majors and nearly 300 undergraduate minors.


Students in the Marketing major take a selection of classes that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.

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Students take a selection of classes to complete Marketing minor.

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