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Finance Undergraduate Degree

The Department of Economics, Finance and Banking at Pittsburg State University offers a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in finance. The purpose of the finance major is to enable our graduates to enhance their ability to analyze financial data and make decisions in today’s complex and global financial environment. Finance is a decision-making discipline that focuses on analyzing and managing risk, projecting future cash flows, allocating capital, and applying valuation analysis. The focus can vary from the individual level to the firm level.

Finance major distinctives

There are many great and unique aspects of earning a degree at Pittsburg State University and our finance degree is no exception. One highlight is our student-focused, internationally diverse and accomplished faculty with a mix of interests. Another is our focus on hands-on learning where we emphasize one of our PSU core values of “by doing learn” throughout our program. Our finance majors get a chance to apply their knowledge through trading simulations as part of their upper-level coursework where they compete against their classmates and professor in managing a simulated portfolio. Each year a team of students participates in the CFA Institute Research Challenge in which students act as investment analysts to prepare a professional quality investment report on a company selected by the CFA Society of Kansas City. Students compete against teams from other regional universities with the winner moving on to compete across the country and, potentially, globally. The competition includes a chance to interact with executives from the corporation being analyzed and is judged by investment professionals.

The PSU Finance Club provides students an opportunity to interact with local finance professionals, faculty and classmates. This club also typically takes a regional and national field trip each year to visit important financial institutions in the US. By engaging in club activities, students have the chance to develop networking, leadership, communication, and organizational skills.

Another highlight of our finance major at PSU is how well it fits with other BBA degrees from the Kelce College of Business. As our majors share the same core of broader business courses, adding a second major is often a matter of five to eight additional courses (depending on the combination). This makes it convenient to broaden your knowledge base and credentials which will not only improve your resume but also open more potential career opportunities. We encourage all of our Kelce students to explore double major and minor opportunities.

Career Options for Finance

Finance majors have career opportunities across a wide variety of occupations. Financial analysts work in corporations in career tracks focusing on budgeting, investor relations, cash management, risk management, market analysis, and general management. This field is often referred to as corporate finance and relies on an individual’s general financial knowledge, critical thinking skills, awareness of the current financial environment and ability to analyze information as part of the overall decision-making process. Finance majors have careers in banking at both the individual bank level (lending, wealth management, credit analysis, and management) as well as the bank regulation and supervision level. Financial advising is another popular career track for finance majors which engages the graduate in the role of helping individuals make decisions regarding savings, investments, tax issues, risk-management, etc. in the process of meeting their personal financial goals. Investment management where professionals focus on stock valuation, fixed-income analysis, and portfolio management represents another common career path, although one that will often involve graduate school as part of the overall educational foundation. Finance is a discipline with a broad base of career paths due to its focus on decision-making and analysis as these skill sets translate well throughout the workplace.

Learn more about the Department of Economics, Finance, and Banking

If a major in finance at Pittsburg State University sounds like the opportunity for you, we encourage you to contact us for more information and come visit us at the Department of Economics, Finance and Banking. Our faculty enjoy the opportunity to visit with prospective students and look forward to talking about the transformational experiences that you can take part in while pursuing your education with us.


Students in the Finance major take a selection of classes that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.

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