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Community Overview

View Larger Map Pittsburg, Kansas was founded on May 20th, 1876 and incorporated in 1880. Founder Franklin Playter named the city after Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and established a local government in what had previously been a mining camp. Mining is a large part of the city’s heritage; Pittsburg itself is located on ground that was once a productive coal field. Because many of the area coal workers were of Southern and Eastern European heritage, this area of Southeastern Kansas became known as “the Little Balkans,” a name which inspired Pittsburg’s annual Labor Day festival, Little Balkans Days.

In addition to the city’s rich history, Pittsburg also boasts a growing community with plenty to do and see. The Pittsburg Aquatic Center offers visitors a place to relax and cool off, the public library is a piece of Kansas history as well as a good place to curl up with a book, and the city’s public parks offer diverse experiences from skateboarding to hiking.

Pittsburg is located in Crawford county whose population as of the 2008 county census was 39,243. Many residents work at the university in some capacity, and the community and university have deep ties. Outside of academia, the city of Pittsburg is a leader in manufacturing, with 41 manufacturing companies making anything from plastic bags to sportswear.

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